Get Stable

Worried about someone?

This section offers help if you’re supporting someone who is not doing so well,
and if that’s beginning to get on top of you too.

How to help

It can be hard to know how to help someone who is distressed, down, or seriously depressed. Much as you love them, ultimately, they need to acknowledge their need for help themselves. And this is just the first step in their journey towards recovery.

As well as providing practical support and a listening ear, you might encourage your friend or loved one to take our online test. Offer to be there, if it helps them, while they take the test and read their results. Depending on the outcome, encourage them to make an appointment with their GP. You can help them print out their current test results and the letter to take to the doctor.

Don’t forget your own wellbeing.

When you’re worried about someone else, it is easy to forget about your own needs. Think about it. You know you’re more supportive, loving and kind when you’re well enough yourself. Still, it can be easy to dismiss your problems as ‘not as bad’ and ignore them. Taking the online test and possibly talking to a therapist yourself could help. And your loved one will see that taking advantage of available support is a sign of strength.

What you can do

Recommend Get Stable to your friend, relative or loved one. Use our interactive map to find a therapist or counsellor near them. There’s lots more useful information in our ‘Stuff to Know’ section.

Worried about someone? Know the signs and suggest they take our online test.

What should I do? Support your loved one in finding help and treatment.

What about taking care of myself? Find out how you are doing through our online test..