Get Stable

Stuff to Know

This section offers helpful information about the issues around talking therapy,
such as your emotions and how they impact on different areas of your life and the different kinds of talking therapies.

  • Dealing with your feelings

    Do you ever feel like your feelings are holding you hostage? That you’re perfectly fine one minute only to feel enraged/depressed/anxious the next? The good news is that no feeling lasts forever. Having said that, each… Read more »

  • Mental Matters

    Many of us live in our heads. So much so, sometimes, that the stories we tell ourselves about our goals, dreams, problems, relationships and everything else can feel more real than evidence that all is not as it seems. When… Read more »

  • Body Basics

    Even if you don’t consider your body to be a temple, you know that you only have one and the better you treat it now, the better it will serve you into old age. So be honest with yourself. What messages are you giving… Read more »

  • Relationships

    Who is your next of kin? Your best friend? Your life partner? How do you get on with your family (both the one you were raised in and the family you’ve created for yourself) and friends? Do you have trouble with your… Read more »

  • Home Help

    Home is where the heart is. A person’s home is their castle. Cliches about home abound but all agree that it’s important for our wellbeing and mental health to have somewhere safe and welcoming to live and sleep.… Read more »

  • Work

    We spend more time at work than with our families so it makes sense to try to ensure that work is a place we enjoy being at and that we’re doing something meaningful and fulfilling which both stretches and supports… Read more »

  • Money

    Many people find even the thought of money stressful. Considering how taboo it is to talk about, still, we spend a lot of time thinking about it. When you think about your personal financial situation are you: a) Grateful… Read more »

  • Psychological First Aid

    Sometimes, we need immediate help. By taking some time, when things are OK, to think about the kind of things that help you when you’re at your lowest, you’ll be better able to remember to do these things to support… Read more »

  • Trauma

    An emotional shock or trauma can be recovered from quite smoothly. If we have a shock to the system and the people around us help us process it there and then, it might leave no residue. Unfortunately, life is rarely so clean-cut.… Read more »