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If you help people, we want you to help us get people the Talking Therapy they need today.
Get Stable matches client need to mental health practitioner availability nationwide.

What is Get Stable?
Get Stable is a social enterprise aimed at making Talking Therapy easier to access. Founded by Benjamin Fry, our aim is to engage with the NHS to provide registered therapists and counsellors to work with clients in their own consulting rooms.
Get Stable promotes a wide range of patient centred approaches and helps therapists to work with NHS funded clients funded by your local PCT.
To register as a Get Stable therapist, you must be fully qualified, professionally accredited, insured, enhanced CRB checked and regularly supervised. Once accepted to receive NHS referrals, your work with clients in your own consulting rooms.

What makes Get Stable unique?
Get Stable is a social enterprise which means that the proceeds of our work as a provider of psychological services are reinvested in our operations, and shared amongst our partner therapists. Working with Get Stable you have the opportunity not only to contribute to our aim to help more individuals in need to receive therapy and counselling, but also to be paid a basic fee per session, plus a discretionary bonus on an annual basis.

Why register with Get Stable?
Get Stable provides you with an additional source of referrals, and helps improve patient choice for NHS patients. Once you are registered with Get Stable, you can choose to work as much as you want with Get Stable referred clients, so it is always helpful for us to know the hours you are regularly available for referrals.

How does Get Stable work?
Get Stable is a qualified and authorised provider to the NHS under a new form of commissioning called Any Qualified Provider (AQP) which seeks to engage independent organisations like ours with the health service. 
Get Stable closely monitors patient progress from the start of therapy, through to recovery. Working within a framework that ensures the highest clinical standards, Get Stable supports the therapist at every step.

Which areas are covered by Get Stable?
Get Stable is a qualified provider of Primary Care Psychological Services in Bristol and South Gloucestershire and will commence delivery in January 2013.
Get Stable also hopes to qualify as a provider in Surrey working in partnership with Surrey and Borders Partnership Trust ( SABP).

How do I register with Get Stable?
Initial registration is easily completed on-line at To ensure the highest level of clinical safety, Get Stable asks all registering therapists to provide the following information:
• Name and practice address
• Your qualification and accreditation details
• Modalities and forms of therapy
• Areas of special interest
• Proof of insurance
• Access information ( eg bus routes, disabled access)

How do I change my profile at a later date?
In order to make any amendments to your therapist profile, you must email All amendments have to be approved by our office. Please aim to put as much information on your initial registration form as possible, as it is not possible to log in and make amendments at a later date.

What level of Accreditation is required to become a Get Stable therapist?
In order to receive NHS referrals in your area, you must be an Accredited or Senior Accredited BACP, UKCP or CPC registered therapist or chartered as a Counselling or Clinical Psychologist. Enhanced CRB checks are also required.

What experience do I need to have to be Get Stable partner therapist?
Get Stable encourages registrations from fully accredited therapists with a wide range of experience.
Primary Care experience is desirable, but we would also like to know what about your experience in time-limited work, or whether you have worked in the NHS and/or for EAPs.

What else do I need to become a Get Stable therapist?
Referrals are made and managed via the remote access IAPTus system. In order to become a Get Stable therapist and receive referrals, you must obtain a secure token to operate IAPTus from your own encrypted PC. Free encryption software is available from us, and the secure IAPTus token operates rather like secure internet banking.
A small charge of £80 is made to obtain IAPTus and training is available locally via your local PCT (which we are currently in the process of organising)

How are referrals made from Get Stable?
Referrals are made via IAPTus, and it is important to make your hours of availability known through Rachel at for the central calendar system. Once the referral goes through the inital assessment process, you will be contacted in order to create appointments with the referral.


What do I need to report back to Get Stable?
All reporting is done via IAPTus, with assessment measures filled out at every session.

How many sessions can I offer?
This varies according to the NHS area you are working in, but short term focused therapy is the mainstay of Get Stable’s work.
In Bristol and South Gloucestershire, Get Stable is offering Step 3 interventions  up to a maximum of 12 sessions; step 3 plus is available is some instances with the maximum number of sessions being 26.

Where will I see clients?
Clients can be seen in your own consulting rooms or premises, so it is important you provide good details about location and public transport arrangements when registering.
You can also offer to see clients at your GP surgery, if you have come to your own arrangement for room rental with your local practice.

How can I work with clients?
Get Stable promotes a client-centred approach, with highly qualified therapists determining the best treatment programme suited to individual cases. A variety of interventions are available to include, but not exhaustively:
• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Interpersonal Therapy
• Counselling
• Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
• Solution Focused Therapies
• Mindfulness

How do I report back risk?
If a client referred to you shows serious risk of harm to self or others, you should immediately contact Get Stable’s Clinical Services team so that the appropriate measures can be taken, including informing the GP.
If risk factors are flagged from client assessments returned to us, we will then follow that up with you.

What if I think I can’t work with someone?
Get in touch with the Clinical Services Manager so that we can support you through this process and refer the client to another therapist.

How much will I get paid?
You will be paid a basic fee per session £30. A discretionary bonus will be paid to partner therapists on an annual basis.

How many referrals can I expect?
At this stage, we anticipate that you might expect anything from 1 or 2 referrals per annum to 20 or more with an average of say 7.

When will I get paid?
As all Get Stable therapists are self-employed, you will need to submit an invoice to us at the end of each month for the sessions completed in that period, and payment will be made 30 days after that. 

How will partner therapists share in the success of Get Stable?
Get Stable is a social enterprise and we aim to share 80% of our total income with our partner therapists, with the balance going to developing the service. Our aim is to reward our therapists for successful outcomes, so that bonus payments can be made from the trading surplus as soon as this is achievable.

Do I get paid for DNAs?
This depends on the arrangement applicable in each NHS contract region.

Need more information?
If you want to discuss any aspect of working as a partner therapist with Get Stable, email us at Our team is there to help and support our partner therapists in providing the best service, so do get in touch if you need clarification over any aspect of how we work or need more information about how we work.

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How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that improves access to Talking Therapy.

Why register with Get Stable? Join Get Stable to provide Talking Therapy to NHS funded clients.

How do I actually do this? Register your details with Get Stable.