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If you help people, we want you to help us get people the Talking Therapy they need today.
Get Stable matches client need to mental health practitioner availability nationwide.

Measuring outcomes

Registering with Get Stable enables you to:

  • offer wider access to talking therapies and
  • contribute to a more comprehensive demonstration of the effectiveness of your approach.

You and your clients know your work is valuable and effective. Get Stable helps you contribute vital research information to demonstrate this.

Therapists’ effectiveness is measured by:

  • The number of clients referred moving to recovery
  • The average number of hours worked per client moving to recovery

Get Stable evaluates the client’s journey as an integral part of the payment by outcome process.

How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that improves access to Talking Therapy.

Why register with Get Stable? Join Get Stable to provide Talking Therapy to NHS funded clients.

How do I actually do this? Register your details with Get Stable.