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If you help people, we want you to help us get people the Talking Therapy they need today.
Get Stable matches client need to mental health practitioner availability nationwide.

How does it work

In order to receive NHS referrals from Get Stable, you must be a registered and authorised IAPTus user. IAPTus is a complete patient management and reporting solution for psychological therapists already familiar to many therapists and counsellors working in the NHS.

A token enabling secure access to IAPTus from your own consulting rooms is available from Get Stable at a one off fee of £80. Free IAPTus training is available from your local PCT.

Your PC or laptop must also be fully encrypted; free encrypted software can be obtained direct from Get Stable. Just email us at

Referrals come direct to you via the IAPTus system.

You are supported every step of the way by our Clinical Services Coordinator, who will ensure your work is correctly supervised, monitored and managed to the highest professional standards.

For more information, call us on 0845 468 0289.

How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that improves access to Talking Therapy.

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