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I am a therapist

If you help people, we want you to help us get people the Talking Therapy they need today.
Get Stable matches client need to mental health practitioner availability nationwide.

How do I get paid?

Get Stable is a social enterprise with 80% of our income being re-invested and re-distributed across the collective of Get Stable partner therapists.

Get Stable enables highly qualified and experienced therapists in private practice to work with GP referred clients.

The fee per session paid to therapists is £30 per hour.

A discretionary bonus is paid to partner therapists at the end of the financial year in line with Get Stable's aim as a social enterprise.

Partner therapists invoice Get Stable at the end of each month, payment is 30 days from date of invoice.

To receive an application form, details of applicable fees per session and more information about working with Get Stable in your local area, email us at



How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that improves access to Talking Therapy.

Why register with Get Stable? Join Get Stable to provide Talking Therapy to NHS funded clients.

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