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 Get Stable’s statement on the LSE report “How Mental Health loses out in the NHS”

Get Stable welcomes the call for an end to the shocking discrimination in Mental Health services. Writing in The Times , Lord Leyard states that Mental Health should be taken as seriously as physical health and that everyone reading this article should take up the campaign for an improved and joined up solution for mental health by writing to “their GP or primary care trust to insist on something better”.

“Something better”, Get Stable believes, cannot be achieved by NHS Commissioners pouring more resources into the current IAPT provision, where the recovery rates across all referrals is only around 15%.* Get Stable would like to see funding spent on successful treatment only with the introduction of payment by results, a pricing mechanism successfully operating on the government’s Work Programme.

Across the psychotherapy and counselling profession, there is wide agreement that the “one size fits all” CBT approach currently at the heart of NICE guidelines is an inadequate response to most people’s Mental Health problems. GPs agree that this solution creates a revolving door, which far from helping patients recover, instead means patients end up back at the doctor’s surgery without having received the treatment they need to get better.

Highly qualified and experienced therapists in private practice should be able to engage with the NHS and treat patients referred by GPs. Turning away from a vast resource of trained professionals, expert in treating private clients a wide variety of Talking Therapies and demonstrating excellent results, is not cost-effective or logical. Recent research shows that it is the quality of the therapist that brings recovery, not the type of therapy and we are pleased some NHS Commissioners realise NICE guidelines do not serve their patients well.

Get Stable  wants to see less of the widespread stigma in Mental Health and more informed patient choice. A lack of internal resources is as much of a driver in social deprivation as a lack of external resources. We would like to see the government making available a wide range of Talking Therapies across both the NHS and other key initiatives such as the Work Programme. Get Stable aims to promote access to psychotherapy and counselling. By measuring and improving outcomes we feel that “something better” than the current provision can be cost-effectively achieved.

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June 2012

*NHS Information Centre, Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Key Performance Indicators Q1 2011/12 final and Q2 2011/12 provisional, The Health and Social Care Information Centre, 2011 ( accessed via 1112


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