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If you help people, you could help us support more people in accessing the talking therapy they need today.
Get Stable matches clients’ needs to mental health practitioners’ availability nationwide.

How do we work with therapists like you?

Get Stable puts registered therapists like you in touch with NHS funded clients.

Qualified as a provider of Primary Care Psychological Services with a number of Primary Care Trusts, Get Stable provides client referrals to a network of fully Accredited and experienced therapists and counsellors working to the highest standards in their own consulting rooms and practices.

Get Stable promotes patient choice. GPs and clients can view your individual details on our Therapist register and make an informed decision about who to see, where and when.

Your performance as a practitioner is evaluated across multiple clients’ outcomes. While you are paid on a per session basis, Get Stable's social enterprise status means that you can share in the organisation's success too. Moreover, the better you are doing, the more work you are likely to get and the better you’ll be paid, too.

How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that improves access to Talking Therapy.

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