Get Stable

I am a GP or health professional

Get Stable provides qualified and accredited therapists and counsellors nationwide who work on an outcome basis.
Register with us to enable your patients to gain quicker access to Talking Therapy.

How does it work?

  1. Find a therapist through the register. This can be done in consultation with your patient or by them alone, as appropriate
  2. Your patient calls the therapist directly to make an appointment
  3. At the first session, the therapist ensures your patient completes a CORE 34 and HoNOS-PbR assessment in conjunction with their own risk assessment. Our service is only available for HoNOS- PbR clusters 1-3, mild to moderate. If a client is in cluster 4-21, a referral is made back to you.
  4. Clients are seen by the therapist or counsellor for as long as the therapist / counsellor feels is necessary – just as in private practice
  5. The therapist reports back to you weekly by email
  6. The patient completes a weekly CORE 10 so that progress can be monitored
  7. At the end of therapy, a further CORE 34 is completed

Get Stable supports this process at every step. If you want to discuss any aspect of Get Stable call us on 0845 468 0289.

How does Get Stable work? A social enterprise that works on payment by outcomes.

Why register with Get Stable? A wide range of cost-effective
Talking Therapy treatment for patients.

How do I do this? Register your details with Get Stable.