Get Stable

You could do with some help

Your test results are in the amber zone which means that you are probably finding
things difficult to cope with. Watch the videos and have a think about getting some help.

What you can do

Talking therapy is a great idea for people who feel like you feel. Making some small adjustments to the way you view yourself and situations can make a positive difference.

Perhaps it would be helpful to talk to someone about difficult issues from the past which are still affecting you?

Shining a light on these issues could create a better starting point for a brighter future.

Have a think about getting some help.

The next step

Use our interactive map to find a therapist or counsellor, and download important information for your doctor here.

You could do with some help. Take the next step to find some help to get better.

What can I do about it? Find a therapist near you on our interactive map.

Ask your Doctor to Get Stable. Print out your test results and make an appointment with your GP.