Get Stable

You're doing okay

Your test results are in the green zone which means it looks like you
seem to be doing ok at the moment. Watch the videos to find out more.

Want to feel better than OK?

These results are only a guide. You may still find it helpful to talk to someone. Find more advice on accessing talking therapies in our ‘Find a Therapist’ section.

If you’ve done the test before and are checking back with us, it’s good to know that things are looking better.

Keeping on track is really important so have a look at our videos and ‘Stuff to Know’ section for more tips to help you stay positive.

The next step

Still want to talk to someone? Find a therapist on our interactive map and download a letter and your test results for your doctor. Make an appointment and ask your GP to Get Stable.

You’re doing ok? See the next video for ways to keep on track.

How can I keep on track? Track your progress and stay healthy and positive.

Still worried? Talk to your GP or explore our Find a Therapist section.