Get Stable

We're a bit worried about you

Your test results are in the red zone and we are worried you are quite severely distressed at the moment.
It is really important to get some help. Make an appointment with your doctor so that you can start seeing
a local therapist or counsellor who can help you get better. Watch the videos to find out more.

What you can do

We recommend you make an appointment with your doctor. You can print a copy of your current test results and a copy of the ‘letter for your doctor’ using the link on the left of this page.

Ask your doctor to help you Get Stable and you should be able to see a therapist quickly.

Talking, one-to-one, with a trained professional in a safe environment can make an enormous difference.

The next step

Use our interactive map to find a therapist or counsellor, and download important information for your doctor here.

We’re worried about you. Find ways to find the support and help you need now.

What can I do about it? Find a trained counsellor or therapist to help you get better.

Ask your Doctor to Get Stable. Make an appointment with your GP today.