Referral for Talking Therapy via Get Stable

I would like to exercise my patient choice by requesting that I be referred to Get Stable for Talking Therapy.

Get Stable is a social enterprise helping people to gain access to effective psychological services which are then paid for by the NHS. They only work with registered, insured, supervised and accredited therapists and counsellors, and aim to have a first appointment booked within 72 hours of your referral.

I can choose a local therapist or counsellor using the “Find a Therapist” section of the Get Stable website, and I can make an appointment directly.

Get Stable works on a Payment by Outcome basis. If your PCT has a contract with Get Stable, your practice and patients can access these psychological services, and pay for them only when a patient recovers.

If your PCT does not yet offer access to psychological services on this basis, please contact them and ask them to Get Stable, so that I can get the help I need in the way in which I prefer.

You can read more about how Get Stable works with GPs in the “I am a GP” section at “”, or call for more information on 0845 468 0289.

I want to take the first and most important step towards improving things for me and hope that you can support me in this by referring me to Get Stable.

Yours sincerely,


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