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Welcome to our online test. 

You're here because you're not feeling great. Taking our short, online test is a first step towards understanding more about how you’re feeling as well. The 18 questions may include some you’ve never even considered. It might be a relief to know that you’re not the only person to feel this way. 

Once you’ve taken the test, you can do something about it to stop yourself feeling so bad. You can print off your results to take to your GP and ask your doctor to Get Stable, so that you can start seeing a therapist or counsellor. You can also come back here and do the test again any time, and begin to track your progress over time.

You might also find the self-help resources in the ‘Stuff to Know’ section useful.

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Answer 18 short questions to find out how you're doing.

Why am I not feeling well? The important first step towards getting help now.

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Ask your doctor to Get Stable. Print out a letter to take to your doctor.